Regional PEB company. Local connections.

Pre engineered buildings manufacturer Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

With an Asia headquarters in Singapore and four local offices in capitals of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, Nova delivers nimble on-ground service to customers in this region. In addition, we are represented by key channel partners in many parts of southeast Asia, bringing custom designed and specialist pre-engineered building solutions to your doorstep.

Consistency & Commitment to Quality

With our regional manufacturing hub in Vietnam, we are able to leverage on Vietnam’s ability to import and export a range of steel materials at competitive prices. 

The Vietnam facility has more than 10 years of operational history and a successful track record of many projects for multinationals and large domestic clients. 

It is equipped with highly automated machines to ensure precision in the fabricated steel structures. Welding is applied by highly skilled and certified welders in accordance with the structural welding code of the American Welding Society.

The Nova Mindset

The Nova Mindset aims to bring positive transformation to our customers’ experience.

We work towards our vision by adopting a Nova Mindset – the way we approach a problem innovatively with the aim to bring positive transformation to our customers’ experience. 

Working with Nova is Easy