Leadership Profile

Cheong Ku Wei, CEO, Nova Buildings Group

Cheong Ku Wei

Chief Executive Officer

Originally trained in Chemical Engineering, Ku Wei established a career with a global steel and building products company and held senior executive roles in Asia. He brings with him broad experiences of managing the steel, building products and solutions businesses across southeast Asia. 

Michael Chang, CFO, Nova Buildings Group

Michael Chang

Chief Financial Officer

Michael has experiences in the construction & engineering industry as well as other industries. A seasoned finance executive who has been with both multinationals and SMEs, in a multitude of management roles covering business finance, FP&A, controllership and receivership.

Jalaj Prakash Sharma, Engineering Director, Nova Buildings Group

Jalaj Prakash Sharma

Engineering Director

Jalaj majored in Civil Engineering and is a veteran in the pre-engineered structures sector. He has 23 years of experience in this sector, both with consultants and in key PEB companies in the Middle East.

Tugiman Warisman, Sales Director & General Manager Indonesia, Nova Buildings Group

Tugiman Warisman

Sales Director & General Manager,


A professional and practising Civil Engineer with more than 23 years of diversified hands-on experience in the Building & Construction industry. Tugiman held key management roles in global pre-engineered companies in Singapore and Indonesia prior to joining Nova.

Phung Quoc Dien, General Manager Vietnam, Operations & Supply Chain, Nova Buildings Group

Phung Quoc Dien

General Manager, Operations & Supply Chain, Vietnam

Dien has more than 20 years of experience in the building and construction industry in Vietnam, and held various business leadership roles in these businesses. Prior to joining Nova, Dien was heading an Australian building products company in Vietnam.

Pang Kim Kwee, General Manager Malaysia, Nova Buildings Group

Pang Kim Kwee

General Manager, Malaysia

KK has a diverse skill set from Finance to Management, Sales and Marketing. In the last decade, he had been focused on the building and construction industry. He was heading an Australian building solutions company in Malaysia and Singapore prior to joining Nova.

Dechakom Boonma, General Manager Thailand, Nova Buildings Group

Dechakom Boonma

General Manager, Thailand

Dechakom has a Bachelors in Engineering and a Masters in Business Management from the University of Warwick. He has more than 20 years of experience centred on the Thailand construction market. Prior to joining  Nova, he was the Head of Marketing of an Australian building products company in Thailand.

Maria Yang, Head of Human Resources, Nova Buildings Group

Maria Yang

Head, Human Resources

Maria is a senior HR professional with 15 years of experience in a broad range of HR functions with regional exposure. Also a subject matter expert in key aspects of HR, she has led effective teams and developed frameworks and strategies for organizations in a variety of industries.

Margaret Cheng, Head of Marketing, Nova Buildings Group

Margaret Cheng

Head, Marketing

Margaret is a senior Marketing professional with specialist qualifications in digital marketing and analytics. She held strategic marketing roles with a global building solutions business. Substantial time spent with the fine arts industry also contributed to her eclectic perspectives on marketing.